How to Use a Rock Band Microphone as a PC Mic

By Techwalla Contributor

The popular Rock Band series of games is available for the various Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft game consoles. The instruments included in some of the game bundles work quite well and lend themselves to additional use. For example, the microphones include a regular USB interface. The interface is identical to the type a desktop or laptop system includes. Any system running Windows XP or later recognizes the microphone as a normal USB microphone.

Step 1

Insert the USB end of your Rock Band Microphone into any open USB port on your PC or Laptop. Wait for Windows to notify you that new hardware has been found.

Step 2

Depending on your version of Windows, you may be prompted to allow Windows to search for a driver. Click "Yes" or "OK."

Step 3

Windows will install and load a driver for a Logitech USB Microphone. If prompted by your antivirus program, click "Allow" to run the driver. The USB microphone is installed and works with Skype, Google Voice and other microphone enabled applications and services.

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