How to Remove a Formula or Program in an Excel Spreadsheet

By Contributing Writer

Excel is the spreadsheet software included in the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity software. A spreadsheet stores and manipulates data based upon a series of tables with data points placed in individual cells. Excel allows users to manipulate the data through a series of built-in functions, custom user functions and mini programs called macros. When someone else gives you an Excel file that contains the custom features, it is beneficial sometimes to remove these features before distributing the file further.

Removing Custom Functions & Macros

Step 1

In the Excel file containing the custom features you want to remove, click on the "Developer" tab and select "Visual Basic" in the ribbon. This opens a new window.

Step 2

Look at the window on the left titled "Project - VBAProject." The VBAProject may have a different name; however, the initial "Project -" should still be part of the title. In this box you see "Microsoft Excel Objects" and "Modules."

Step 3

Double-click the first listed item under "Modules." This brings up a new window containing VBA code. You can remove individual custom functions by deleting everything from the "Function" before the function's name to the next "End Function," inclusively. To remove a macro, select everything from "Sub" to "End Sub."

Step 4

Right-click on the module name, and select "Remove (the module's name)" to remove all the functions or macros within the module.

Step 5

Click on the items under "Microsoft Excel Objects." This is where code specific to sheets or workbooks is placed. You can remove individual functions and macros in the same manner as those in the "Modules." You cannot, however, remove all of them by removing the module. To remove all of the functions or macros, simply select all of the code and press "Delete."

Step 6

Select "File" then "Save and Return to Microsoft Excel" to save the changes.

Removing Formulas

Step 1

Find the cell containing the formula you wish to remove.

Step 2

Left-click on the cell.

Step 3

Press "Delete" to remove the contents of the cell, formula included. To remove just part of a formula, select the portion in the "formula bar" and press "Delete."

Tips & Warnings

  • These steps work for Microsoft Excel 2007. For earlier versions of Excel, you access VBA in a different way, though the steps within VBA are the same.