How to Build a Multi Animal Exhibit in Zoo Tycoon 2

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Zoo Tycoon 2 aims to accurately represent a variety of different animal species--including their qualities, lifestyles and compatibility.

Zoo Tycoon 2 offers the option to feature different animal species within the same exhibit. Certain combinations of animals, however, are more compatible than others. Thus, proper attention must be given to the preferences and needs of coexisting animal species in order to prevent fighting, unhappiness and death within the exhibit.

Choosing Compatible Animals

Step 1

Brainstorm which animals you wish to house in the same exhibit.

Step 2

Ensure that these different species share similar interests, desires and habitats by reviewing their animal profiles (click the corresponding animal image once) in the "Adopt Animals" tab. For example, choose to house zebras and antelope together because they both prefer savanna grass and trees.

Step 3

Note the size and ability of the animals you have selected to feature in your exhibit in order to determine what type of fence you will need to construct.

Building the Exhibit

Step 1

Select the "Construction" tab from the toolbar, which will open up a new set of tabs.

Step 2

Choose the "Fence" tab and pick the fence with which you intend to enclose your animals.

Step 3

Click and drag to form the perimeter of the fence around an empty area of terrain.

Step 4

Name the exhibit when prompted to do so.

Step 5

Choose the "Adoption" tab from the toolbar. Click on the first animal species you wish to feature and then click within the boundaries of the fence (be sure to place both males and females within the exhibit). Do the same for the second species, as well. Stop placing more animals in the exhibit when red faces appear above the animals.

Step 6

Check the type of terrain, foliage, rocks, water and toys that might be desired by both species by clicking on one animal from each animal family and selecting the picture of the zoo keeper from the animal profile which pops up. Keep in mind that perfectly compatible species will share the same likes, wants and needs.

Step 7

Make the zoo keeper's recommended changes by selecting the landscaping tabs from the toolbar, and then clicking within the exhibit to apply them.


Guests will donate larger amounts of money when your zoo features multi-species exhibits.

Another way to determine the compatibility of two different species is to place them within the same exhibit and notice what color the faces above their heads turn--green for happy, red for unhappy (incompatible).

Note that animals can coexist peacefully within an exhibit but still desire small changes. As long as these changes do not affect their overall happiness (represented in the profile which pops up when one animal is selected), the two species can remain in the same exhibit.