How to Make Rubber Soled Shoes Slippery for Latin Dancing

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The Latin dance style requires the use of shoes that slide across the dance floor.

Latin dancing requires grace and fluid-like movements. Your dancing shoes must be comfortable enough to withstand dancing and must have smooth enough soles for which to slide across the dance floor. Knowing how to make the bottoms of rubber-soled shoes slippery for Latin dance isn't difficult. It requires the use of few materials and gives you the ability to modify your favorite shoes for a night of exotic, Latin dancing.


Step 1

Hold a shoe with the rubber sole facing upward.

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Step 2

Apply the sandpaper square to the surface of the rubber sole, starting at the toe and ball-of-the-foot area. Use a course grade of sandpaper so as to quickly and easily wear down the rubber and use circular motions.


Step 3

Work your way down to the heel of the shoe from the toe area using the same firm, circular motions. Buffing the bottom of the sole of the shoe with the course sandpaper square wears away the textured rubber of the shoe.


Step 4

Apply a quarter-size amount of olive oil to the paper towel.


Step 5

Buff the sole of the shoe with the oiled paper towel. This smooths the sole slightly and removes excess rubber shavings from sanding it. Wipe away excess oil with a clean paper towel. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 with the other shoe.



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