How to Avoid Earbud Shocks

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Avoid earbud shocks with a few techniques.

You can avoid the uncomfortable and scary experience of static shock from your earbuds with a few preventative steps. This mostly happens when the earbuds are used in surroundings where the air is dry. Static electricity generally occurs as a result of this and then passes through the earbuds, into the ear.


Step 1

Adjust the humidity control on your air conditioner if you are using your earbuds indoors. Raise the moisture level in the building by using a portable humidifier. This will reduce the possibility of getting shocked when using your earbuds.

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Step 2

Spray an antistatic spray in the air to avoid earbud shocks. You can also try using antistatic lotion on your hands if you have dry skin.


Step 3

Keep your earbuds inside an antistatic case to prevent exposure to the wind. If you don't have a case, keeping the earbuds in your pocket will work also. Use a piece of antistatic dryer sheet to rub your earbuds before putting them in your pocket.


Step 4

Discharge the earbuds before putting them in your ear by blowing your palms so that condensation can build up. Hold the earbuds in your palm for a few seconds to discharge them.




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