How to Pick Up Weapons in Counter Strike

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Counter Strike is a very popular online first person shooter from Valve. It is a staple among competitive PC gamers and millions around the world enjoy it. The concept is very simple. Gamers form teams and compete in various game modes including hostage rescue, bomb defuse and assassination. Learning the controls is the first step to mastering this game, and the most important thing to know is how to pick up a gun. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to pick up better weapons and be more competitive in this shooter.


Step 1

Press "G" when you come across a gun you wish to pick up. This will drop your current weapon.

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Step 2

Walk over the gun you wish to pick up. Your character will automatically pick up and wield this new weapon.


Step 3

Press "R" to reload if the current magazine is empty so your new weapon will be ready to use.




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