How to Add Tin Foil to Rabbit Ears

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Aerial television reception is limited with indoor antennas, but you can improve it and even pick up additional stations by modifying classic telescopic rabbit ears with foil wrap. Antennas are made of metal, which attracts television signals. The receiving surfaces of the antennas can be increased by adding foils to the aerials. In many cases, the snowy channels clear up and new stations come in after rabbit ears are outfitted with foil wrap.


Step 1

Extend both rabbit ears fully. Separate the tops of the two extensions by at least 10 inches.

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Step 2

Cut two sheets of aluminum foil wrap into 1-foot by 1-foot sections.

Step 3

Place the center of a foil square over the top of an aerial. Compress the foil around the top 5 inches of the antenna. Fan out the corners of the foil square and extend them perpendicular to the post. Cover the other aerial with foil wrap in the same manner.



Step 4

Adjust the foils and antennas for best reception. Compress the foil against the antennas more firmly and move the rabbit ears to find the best position for receiving each chosen station. Do not allow the rabbit ears or covering foils to come in contact with each other.



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