How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Laptop

Stripped screws can cause serious problems when you're trying to take apart and repair something. Unfortunately, when this happens in a laptop, there are limited actions that can be taken to remedy the problem. However, with a little bit of patience and the right tools, that annoying stripped screw can be removed.

Step 1

Place a thick rubber band between the screw and screwdriver to provide friction. Apply ample pressure, and slowly turn the screwdriver until the screw starts to move.

Step 2

Press the square drive bit into the screw and gently turn. The shape of the square drive bit sometimes fits well into the stripped space of a screw. Depending on how badly the screw is stripped and the design of the screw, this method may turn the screw.

Step 3

Choose an extremely small drill bit and place it in the middle of the stripped screw. Slowly apply power and pressure, but make sure to not press down too hard or turn the drill on too fast, as this could cause serious damage to the laptop. Occasionally stop the drill and use pliers to try to remove the screw. If the screw cannot be removed, drill further.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Drill

  • Drill bit

  • Rubber band

  • Pliers

  • Square drive bit


Never press too hard on a stripped screw, and always take your time. A minor slip could cause serious damage to your expensive laptop.