How to Adjust a Tilt TV Mount

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Once you have your plasma, LED or LCD TV mounted on the wall, it often doesn't need to be moved or adjusted. There are other times, however, whether the light shining on the TV is causing a glare or you're sitting at a different angle than normal, where you will want or need to change your viewing angle. Fortunately, tilting TV mounts are designed to allow you to adjust the viewing angle easily. And while the method might vary from brand to brand, the process is fairly similar.


Step 1

Locate the tension knob(s), which are located on the brackets that are attached to the back of your TV. Depending on the make and model of your tilting wall mount, there may be a knob on both sides or only on one side.

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Step 2

Turn the tension knob(s) counter-clockwise to loosen them. While you're loosening the knobs, make sure to support your TV with one hand so it doesn't tilt down too fast.


Step 3

Tilt your TV upward by gently pushing the top of the TV down or tilt it downward by gently pushing the bottom of the TV upward.


Step 4

Turn the tension knob(s) clockwise to tighten and return your TV to its fixed position.




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