How to Stabilize a TV Stand

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TV stands are essential for optimal viewing unless you plan on hanging your TV on the wall. Most people don't understand the dangers of TV stands, however. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that 16,300 children 5 years old and younger were treated for injuries related to TV, furniture and appliance tip-overs in 2006.


Step 1

Inspect your TV stand before you start anything. Check for cracks and any loose nuts, bolts or screws that attach the parts of the stand. If you notice any flaws, immediately repair them.

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Step 2

Place your hand on the stand and try shaking the stand. If the stand is safe and secure, it should be stable on its own. If you notice that the stand wobbles or is easy to move, you probably should consider another stand or anchor it with something heavy like weights at the bottom.


Step 3

Inspect the shelves. Avoid TV stands with flimsy shelves. If you notice the shelves won't secure your items, replace the shelves, if possible.

Step 4

Push the TV as far back on the stand as you can. This will prevent the TV stand from becoming top- or front-heavy. If you have a larger or heavier TV, find someone to help lift the TV onto the stand.



Step 5

Look for any wires or cables stuck underneath the stand. This could cause the TV stand to lean forward slightly, increasing the odds it will fall. If any wires or cables are trapped, move them out so that the stand lies flat on the floor.




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