How to Remove the Sanus FPM10B

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The Sanus VuePoint FPM10B is a wall-mount installation kit, designed for 13-inch to 30-inch flat-screen televisions. The all-steel construction and design allows the FPM10B to handle up to a 50-pound load when correctly anchored to an interior wall stud. Removing the wall mount may prove necessary when upgrading to a more advanced "full-motion" television mount, or when installing a larger television not designed for the FPM10B. Removing the FPM10B is an easy task when using the correct tools.


Step 1

Turn off the television and disconnect the power cord. Disconnect any cable or RCA input cables from the television.

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Step 2

Examine the portion of the wall-mount hardware that is flush against the wall. Locate the top and bottom lag bolts that secure the mount to the wall.


Step 3

Loosen the top and bottom lag bolts using the Allen key; you only need to back out the lag bolts 1/4 inch from the mounting plate at this point. Have an assistant hold the television while loosening the lag bolts.

Step 4

Slide the television upwards to unhook the mounting plate from the lag bolts. Pull the television directly off the wall.



Step 5

Lay the television face down on a soft towel or bed.

Step 6

Remove the four screws that secure the front portion of the mount to the rear of the television using the Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the lag bolts from the wall using the Allen key to complete the removal process.




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