How to Change the Lamp in a Flat Screen

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Having the lamp burn out in your flat screen TV can be a very annoying thing to deal with. Good thing for you this is a simple thing to replace on a flat screen. All you will need is a screw driver and a few minutes to complete this task. You may have to order the lamp through your TV dealer, but you might be able to go to a super center.


Step 1

Remove the TV from the wall and lay it down flat so that the back is facing up. Be gentle when removing the TV so that you don't damage it.

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Step 2

Remove the excess panel from the back of the TV. Set the panel aside and put the screws on the panel so that you don't lose them.


Step 3

Remove the burned out lamp by lifting the small metal handle on the lamp and pulling it out of the fixture.


Step 4

Insert the new lamp by gently placing it into the fixture so that the small metal handle is facing out. Replace the back panel to the TV and mount.



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