How to Troubleshoot Shutting off and Overheating in Samsung DLP TVs

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When your Samsung DLP television experiences constant overheating and shutting off, it indicates a notable problem that should be checked as soon as possible. The Samsung DLP television shuts down as a safety measure against excess heat that can damage and destroy the television's sensitive electronics. Take care of these issues on your own with relative ease.


Step 1

Check the television's sleep timer function. Press the "Menu" button on the remote, navigate to "Setup" using the up and down arrow keys, and then select "Sleep Timer" with the "Enter" button. Press the right arrow key on the remote to select "Activation," set the option to "No" and press the "Exit" button to leave the menu. If the problem still occurs, continue troubleshooting the television.


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Step 2

Disconnect all audio and video component plugs from the Samsung DLP television. Unplug the television from the power outlet and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes before attempting to remove the rear panel.

Step 3

Remove the retaining screws that hold the rear panel of the television in place, using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the panel away from the back of the television and set it aside. Remove the screws holding the projector lamp in place and slide the unit out of the television.


Step 4

Remove as much dust as possible from the lamp and fan area with a soft cloth, a small vacuum tool and a can of compressed air. Apply compressed air onto the vents on the rear panel. Remove any remaining dust and debris with the soft cloth and vacuum.

Step 5

Locate the two cooling fans near the color wheel on the right side of the television. If you received a blinking message stating "CHECK FAN" before the television shut off, remove and replace both fans with new units. Remove the two screws on the black fan enclosure and slide the enclosure out. Unplug each fan's power supply wiring and dismount the fans from the enclosure. Mount the new fans onto the black enclosure and reconnect the wiring. Reinsert and tighten the enclosure into place.



Step 6

Apply compressed air onto the projector lamp to remove dust. Insert the projector lamp inside of the television. Reinsert the screws used to hold it in place and tighten them down with the Phillips screwdriver. Reattach the rear panel onto the television.

Step 7

Remove the retaining screw from the lamp cover door and pull the door away from the television. Check the protective circuit located underneath the lamp cover door. Push the switch inward until it catches underneath the lamp cover door. Reattach the lamp cover door afterwards.


Step 8

Move the television away from the wall or other objects. Inadequate ventilation due to placement against walls and other objects can cause the television to overheat. Consult a trained service technician if the Samsung DLP television continues to overheat and shut off. The problem may lie with internal parts that must be serviced by a technician.



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