How to Repair a TV by Replacing a Fuse

By Matt Scheer

A blown or broken fuse will prevent all power from coming to your TV. Test your TV by turning it on with the remote control, by the "ON" button on the TV and by switching the plug to different outlets. If your TV still doesn't turn on, it's most likely not receiving power because of a failure with the fuse. The good news is this is a cheap fix. The bad is that opening a TV is dangerous--even when it's not plugged in. Take the proper precautions to ensure your safety while working behind the screen of your TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver


Step 1

Unplug the TV. Even though the TV isn't turning on, it may still be receiving power and not turning on for a reason other than the fuse.

Step 2

Place the TV screen-side down on a soft cloth or blanket. This position gives you access to the screws holding the TV case together. The blanket or cloth prevents the screen from being scratched.

Step 3

Unscrew the back of your television. There's no standardized number or location of screws on the hundreds of TV sets available. Look for yours on the side and back of the TV. If you've removed them all and still can't get the back housing off the screen, there's probably a couple screws you're missing, most likely near the cable ports.

Step 4

Look for the TV fuse near the power connection in the rear of the TV. The fuse looks like a small glass cylinder with metal caps on either end.

Step 5

Take note of where the fuse is attached to the circuit board. There should also be some writing near the fuse that states its amperage and model. If there's no writing, the information is on the fuse itself.

Step 6

Pull the fuse out. If it's stuck, use the flat head screwdriver to assist you, but don't force it too aggressively or you may break the fuse in its socket. Put the fuse aside when you've released it.

Step 7

Close the TV case so there are no loose cables hanging out.

Step 8

Take the fuse to a computer or electronics store to find a replacement. You may have to buy a pack of replacements even if you need only one, though the cost of a single or pack should be under $10. Compare your fuse to the other fuses to find the replacements you need.

Step 9

Open the TV again--ensuring it hasn't been plugged in while you were gone--and plug in the new fuse. Close the TV and try turning on the TV. If it still doesn't turn on, the problem isn't the fuse.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even when a TV is turned off, it can still hold a lot of charge--32,000 volts worth under the hi volt cap. Do not touch this cap with your skin or anything metal.