How to Check the Power Board on a Vizio TV

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Vizio TVs use a power board.

Every flat screen TV has a power board where the AC plug fits in. When the power board fails in a Vizio TV, it is unable to transfer the electrical current throughout the TV. This can also be caused by a blown fuse or transformer, and all of these items should be checked first. These tasks are an easier, more economical repair than replacing the power board on a Vizio TV.


Step 1

Place a towel or other soft cloth on a surface to protect the Vizio screen.

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Step 2

Lay the Vizio LCD face down on the prepared surface, and remove all the rear screws using a screwdriver.


Step 3

Locate and visually check all the fuses on the Vizio TV. There are likely five fuses.

Step 4

Replace any spent fuses. If the TV picture still does not appear, remove the existing power board with a screwdriver.


Step 5

Remove any wires or cables that connect to the power board, and replace the power board with a new power board. Note the model of your Vizio TV to ensure getting the correct power board replacement.


Always check fuses and transformers before centering in on the Vizio power board.