My JVC AV-27920 TV Won't Turn On

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Power failures in the JVC AV-27920 television can stem from many different issues. Power may fail to stimulate the television's internal parts, and the JVC may need to be reset, which you can do in a couple different ways. Another common power issue with JVC televisions is a blinking timer light that results in the television powering off after a few seconds.


Step 1

Check that the JVC television's power cord is properly inserted into a working power outlet. Try to power on the TV. Insert new batteries into the JVC remote control if the remote is unable to power on the TV.


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Step 2

Unplug the JVC from the power outlet for 10 seconds. Plug the JVC TV back into the power outlet. Hold down both the "Menu" and "Volume Down (-)" buttons for another 10 seconds. Just before releasing these buttons, press and hold the "Power" button. Then let go of all three buttons. The TV should power on.


Step 3

Reset a blinking On/Off timer. The On/Off Timer may blink on the screen and then shut off the television before you get an opportunity to turn the timer off. Try unplugging the JVC from the power outlet for several hours. Plug the TV back in and see if the problem is resolved. If not, JVC recommends that you contact customer service at 1-800-252-5722.


Step 4

Replace the internal parts. A bad high-voltage transformer, fuse or starter box will prevent the JVC from turning on. Since the transformer is internal, a technician may need to replace it. The cost of parts and labor can exceed the value of the TV.


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