How to Hook a JVC Surround System Up to a TV

By James Clark

JVC manufactures surround sound systems for home theater. With a balanced speaker package, audio/video receiver and DVD or Blu-Ray player, the system needs only a television to complete the home theater. Setup involves a single video cable with three color-coded plugs that connect to the television and the JVC surround sound receiver in a matter of seconds. Once connected, the JVC remote control can be programmed with a three-digit code to turn the television on and off. A list of remote control codes for various models of television is included with the JVC instruction manual.

Things You'll Need

  • RGB component video cables

Step 1

Turn the power "Off" to the JVC receiver and the television while you are connecting video cables.

Step 2

Connect a set of RGB component video cables to the red, green and blue "Video Out" jacks on the back of the JVC receiver.

Step 3

Insert the plugs on the other ends into the component "Video In" jacks on the back of the TV. Restore power to the components.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a single video cable connected to the yellow Video In jack on the TV if the set is not equipped with the three jacks for component video.
  • Refer to the model codes in the JVC instruction manual to program the remote control with a particular brand of television. On most JVC remotes, the code is entered by pressing the TV "Power" button and then pressing and holding the TV "Control" button while the three-digit code is entered on the keypad. Releasing the TV "Control" button completes the programming.
  • Do not insert a video cable accidentally into an audio jack, which can damage the amplifier and cause an annoying sound when the equipment is switched on.