How to Program a Suddenlink Remote Control to an HDTV

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Sync up a Suddenlink remote control to any HD television.

Suddenlink is a remote control company that produces several product lines of remotes, including "Atlas," "Polaris" and "Delta." The remote controls are used to control just about any form of electronic equipment, including high definition televisions. Although the remote makeup varies among models, the same steps are used to program all Syddenlink remote controls with high definition televisions.


Step 1

Press the power button on the HDTV.

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Step 2

Push the "TV" button on the Suddenlink remote control, then hold down "Setup" until the TV button flashes twice.

Step 3

Type in the sync code for the specific television you are using (see Resources).



Step 4

Push "Power" and the HDTV turns off. Push the power button again to turn the HDTV back on. You are now ready to use the Suddenlink remote control with the HDTV.



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