How to Program an Atlantic Broadband Remote to My TV

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Atlantic Broadband remotes work with numerous brands of TV sets. The remote is only previously programmed to control certain digital set tops. You must manually program the remote if you want to use it with a television set that is connected to the digital set top box. Once you do so, you will only need the one remote to control the two electronic devices. Atlantic Broadband remotes come with an "Auto Search" function, meaning you won't need to try several codes during the programming process.


Step 1

Turn the TV on.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "OK/SEL" and "TV" keys on the Atlantic Broadband remote for three seconds. The remote's light turns on. Advance to Steps 3 and 4 before 30 seconds expires. Otherwise, you'll have to repeat this step.


Step 3

Point the remote at the TV.

Step 4

Press "CH UP" on the remote once every two seconds. The remote sends "ON/OFF" commands to the television set. Press the button continuously until the TV shuts off. It could take several minutes until the code for your TV is located.


Step 5

Press the remote's "TV" key within 30 seconds of the TV powering down. The code is stored. Then, press several different buttons on the remote (for example the volume and number keys). Repeat the process if all of the buttons don't work with the TV.