How to Program a Comcast Remote to a Panasonic TV

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Comcast cable subscribers require a specific Comcast cable box and Comcast remote to control the channels they receive. The Comcast remote controls the cable box and can also be programmed to control and turn on and other devices including TVs and DVD players. If you would like to use a Panasonic TV with Comcast, you will need to program your remote with the appropriate code for Panasonic TVs to allow your remote to control the functions of the TV as well.


Step 1

Turn on your TV.

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Step 2

Press the "TV" key on your Comcast remote.

Step 3

Press and hold down the "Setup" key on your remote. The "TV" key will flash twice.


Step 4

Release the "Setup" key.

Step 5

Enter the four-digit code for your Panasonic TV. The two codes for Panasonic TVs are "0250" and "0051." The "TV" key flashes twice after you enter the last digit to indicate the code entered is correct.



Step 6

Aim the Comcast remote at your Panasonic TV and press the "Power" key. The TV should turn off if the remote was programmed correctly. If the TV does not turn off, repeat steps 2-6 using the other code in step 5.

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