How Do I Set My Insignia With Comcast?

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Trying to program your Comcast remote to work worth your Insignia television offers a unique challenge. The Comcast remote code guide does not include the Insignia brand television. Even though Comcast does not list remote codes, does list remote codes that work with different versions of Comcast remotes. Once you have the remote code, programming your Comcast remote to work with your Insignia television is accomplished in a few simple steps.


Step 1

Turn your television on.

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Step 2

Press and release the "TV" button on your Comcast remote.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Setup" key on the remote until the "TV" key flashes twice.


Step 4

Enter one of the four-digits codes available at on your remote. Some of these codes are 12002, 1326, 0463 and 10463. This causes the "TV" key to flash twice.


Step 5

Press the "Power" key while pointing the remote at the television. If the television turns off, you are finished setting up the remote. If the television does not turn off, repeat the above steps, using different codes, until your television turns off.

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