How Do I Program a Universal Remote to My DVD Player?

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With technology changing so frequently it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the products, and once we do, newer, more effective and cheaper ones become available. As changing electronics is a part of life, having three different remotes to operate three machines that are intended to work together can be a nightmare. A solution, universal remotes, can make your life easier as you will no longer need to have one remote for your TV and another for your DVD player.


Determine Need

Before buying a universal remote to operate both your TV and DVD player, you must decide which remote will best serve your purpose. Many manufacturers make universal remotes and prices range typically from $10 to over $400. CNET states that the highest rated, most reliable universal remotes are those made by Logitech (see Reference 1).


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The more expensive universal remotes offer features that you may or may not need. These include but are not limited: backlight display, LED reading panel, touchscreen, number of machines it can handle, etc. Typically, if you are looking to just use your TV and DVD player, an inexpensive model will do just fine.


The more costly universal remotes

Choosing the Remote

When you decide your level of need, it is time to choose a brand of universal remote. Most inexpensive remotes are basic and are therefore rated accordingly. The most important to thing to note is the brand of your TV and DVD player.


Check the box packaging of the universal remote. It will clearly state the brands of TVs and DVD players the remote supports.

Programming Your Universal Remote

Programming the remote varies by brand but typically consists of pressing the "Prog" button until the light blinks twice, then entering a three-digit code which is used to operate your brand of TV and DVD player. Once you enter the code, you press the "Prog" button again.


Please note there are several codes for some popular brands such as Sony. Once you enter the code, try changing the channel or volume. If it works, you have successfully programmed your TV.

Do the same for your DVD player; press "Prog" on the remote and enter the code provided for your DVD player. Try turning the player off and on, reprogramming it with other codes until it works.




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