How to Program a Charter TV Remote

By Andrew Smith

Your Charter remote will control more than just the Charter receiver. This remote can also be used to control your television set. Using the Charter remote to control these two devices will allow you to put your television remote away and only use the Charter remote. Before you can start using the Charter remote with your TV, the remote must be programmed properly. You can use the Charter remote's “code search” option to program the remote.

Step 1

Turn on the TV that you'll eventually use with the Charter remote.

Step 2

Press the “TV” button on the Charter remote. That button will blink once.

Step 3

Hold down the “Set Up” button on the remote until the "TV” button blinks twice.

Step 4

Press the buttons “9,” “9” and then “1" ("991"). The TV key will blink twice again.

Step 5

Press “1” on the remote. The TV key will blink. Then, aim the Charter remote at the TV and press the “PWR” button on the remote.

Step 6

Start pressing “CH+” on the Charter remote while you aim the remote at the TV. Press that button once every two seconds until the TV turns off. This could take several minutes due to the amount of available codes.

Step 7

Press “PWR” on the Charter remote. The TV should turn back on. If it does not, press the “CH-” button until the TV turns on.

Step 8

Press the “Set Up” button to save the TV code.