How to Replace TV Remote Controls

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It's happened. You've lost or broken the remote control to your TV. Fear not. You can replace it. And, you have options. This guide will explain how to replace lost or damaged TV remote controls.

Step 1

Call the TV manufacturer. The number can be obtained from your television manual or from the Internet. If you would like to replace your television remote with one that is exactly the same, you will need to obtain a replacement directly from the manufacturer. Unless your remote has a defect and is under warranty, it will charge you a replacement fee, and you will have to pay shipping.


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Step 2

Buy a universal remote. Most electronics stores sell what are known as universal remote controls. These remotes are designed to work with a wide array of products from many different manufacturers. Each manufacturer is assigned a group of numbers corresponding to the different products that the remote will control. You input the numbers while aiming the remote at your TV and it will program itself to operate your brand and model. Generally, this will be both cheaper and faster than obtaining an original equipment remote from the manufacturer of the television.



Step 3

See what you can find for free. If you have multiple televisions of the same brand, in many cases, the remote controls will be compatible. You may give up on a few specialized features particular to the model of television set, but the basic controls will be accessible. Also some home theater and stereo receiver remotes can be programmed to control the television set.



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