How to Find the Reset Button on an Akai TV

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Akai manufactures CRT, LCD and plasma televisions. If the television is not working correctly, the first step in troubleshooting the television is to reset it. If the television is frozen and you cannot access the main menu, unplug it for 30 to 60 minutes to perform a soft reset, which then should allow you to access the main menu and perform a hard reset. A hard reset will restore the TV to factory settings.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on either the Akai television or the remote control.

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Step 2

Scroll through the available options by pressing the "Left Arrow" and "Right Arrows" buttons on the remote, or the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons on the TV, until the "Misc Menu" is highlighted.


Step 3

Push the "Up" and "Down" arrows on the remote or the "Channel Up" and "Channel Down" buttons on the TV to scroll through the "Misc Menu." Highlight the menu item you wish to reset to factory default or highlight "Select All" to reset all settings.



Step 4

Press "Enter" to confirm the reset. Press "Enter" again when the menu asks if you're sure you wish to reset all settings.




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