How to Completely Reset a Sony TV with a Blinking LED

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Reset the blinking LED.

If your Sony television has a blinking LED on the display you might want to reset the television back to its factory settings. Doing this often corrects any problems you are having with the TV, including the LED flashing. All Sony televisions have a built-in reset option for a situation just like this, and you can perform the reset by pressing the right combination of buttons.


Step 1

Power on the Sony television.

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Step 2

Point the Sony remote control at the TV and press and hold the "Up" arrow button.

Step 3

Push the "Power" button on the TV while holding down onto the "Up" button. Release the "Up" button when the TV turns off, then turns back on.


Step 4

Select "OK" when shown the factor settings and the television has completed its TV reset.




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