How to Fix a Philips TV That Turns on and Then off

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When a Philips TV turns on or off without any user input, the situation requires a thorough investigation. The problem is often a simple fix, but it can originate from several different sources. Ideally, the TV problem requires only a basic fix or reset to resolve the problem permanently. Televisions with malfunctioning hardware, overheating damage and other more significant problems may, however, require a professional repair or replacement. Address the Philips TV auto shut-off problem immediately to reduce the risk of permanent damage.


Run a Reset

Before jumping into any complex diagnostics, run a reset on the TV. Start with a simple power cycle reset by turning off the television and removing the power plug. Wait for a full minute to completely drain the power. Plug the television into a wall outlet rather than a power strip. The power strip itself can go bad and cause intermittent shutoffs. Turn the television back on and wait for the problem to repeat. If the Philips TV doesn't stay on, try a reset to the factory settings. You must do this while the TV is running. Use the remote control to access the "Menu then "Settings" options. Press the right navigation button two times and select "Reset AV Settings_."_ Select "Start Now" and press "OK" to run the factory reset. The TV also runs any updates when it restores, and an update may fix the problem.


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Check the Remote

One simple but easily overlooked issue involves the remote. A stuck button or faulty remote can trigger a turn on/turn off sequence unintentionally. Remove the batteries from the remote and turn on the television manually using the power button on the TV. If the problem is resolved, replace the remote. A bad remote can cause problems when the circuitry is faulty, causing it to send accidental signals.


Sleep Settings

Your Philips TV is designed to turn off automatically when the sleep settings are active. Access the menu using the remote or the controls on the TV. Navigate to the "Preferences" section and select the "Sleep Timer" option. If the sleep timer displays the "On" setting, it will automatically shut off after the TV runs for a specified period of time. Turn the sleep timer to the "Off" position to remove the sleep settings. This will resolve the automatic shutoff issue. If the television is turning on and off automatically without any sleep or timer settings active, attempt another reset to restore the factory settings.





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