How to Troubleshoot a Sharp TV With the OPC Light Flashing

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Sharp television systems use several lights to indicate activity and potential errors. Any blinking activity on the Sharp TV OPC (Optical Picture Control) light most likely indicates an error. When the light is constantly blinking, you must troubleshoot to narrow down the problem and seek solutions. Problems can arise from hardware issues or the firmware installed on the television. After diagnosing the situation, you need to determine the best possible solution for the television.


Diagnosing the Problem

When the Sharp TV doesn't turn on, the power lights are blinking or other issues arise while the Sharp TV OPC light is blinking, attempt to determine if the problem is hardware or firmware related. Feel the television set for excessive heat. Overheating can indicate a broken fan or another malfunctioning piece of hardware that is causing the television to run without displaying the screen. If the television is not overheating or making irregular noises, it may be an issue related to firmware or updates.


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Reset and Updates

Before attempting any expensive physical repairs, run a full reset and any updates. Begin by running a power cycle reset. Unplug the television and wait a few minutes for the power to drain. Plug the television directly into the wall to rule out a bad power strip. Turn the TV back on and check the light.


If the light continues to flash, run a factory reset to delete stored data and return the television to its original factory settings. You will lose any saved apps and passwords, but a fresh start may solve the problem. To run a factory reset, unplug the power again. Simultaneously press and hold the "input" and "channel down" buttons on the remote. Plug the TV back into power and wait for the television start while you hold down these buttons. Select "Service Mode" from the menu and then select "Factory Reset" to restore the original settings. Wait until the television shuts down and restarts before checking the OPC light.


Hardware Problems

If a full reset fails to fix the problem, a hardware malfunction may exist. Fixing hardware requires specialty parts and the ability to take the television apart to access and replace parts. The process is advanced and not recommended for anyone without special skills and tools. Have your television analyzed by a professional and get a repair quote to determine if the hardware is worth the repair price. In some cases, checking the television for a warranty or electing for a replacement is the best route.