How to Remove an Acer Laptop Keyboard Key

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Acer is a popular manufacturer of laptop computers that offers an inexpensive alternative to brands such as Dell, HP and Gateway. Since laptop computers have a keyboard integrated into the laptop unit, it can become a major problem if a single key becomes loose or stuck. When a key stops striking properly, you may need to remove it from the keyboard to reset the key and troubleshoot the problem.


Step 1

Open up the laptop so that the keyboard is accessible. Use your thumb to press down on the keys immediately below the key you want to remove.

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Step 2

Use your index finger to lift the key you wish to remove from the top, peeling it back toward the keys you are depressing with your thumb. The key should snap loose with moderate pressure.


Step 3

Use tweezers to remove the key binding from the keyboard. After you take off the key, you will likely notice a few pieces of plastic still attached to the keyboard. This is the key retainer or binding. (The flat part of the key that you strike is the key cap.) Keep in mind you will need to reset the retainer on the keyboard before reattaching the key cap, so you may want to leave it in place.





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