How to Remove the Hard Drive in a Compaq Presario

Removing the hard drive of a Compaq Presario laptop or desktop is a simple task. All it requires is a steady hand, a good eye and a little patience. The entire process doesn't take much time at all, and can be done with relatively no computer experience.

The Laptop

Step 1

Disconnect the laptop or desktop from its power source and remove the battery(if attached). This is important to avoid electric shock and hardware damage.

Step 2

Make sure to ground yourself by putting on the anti-static wrist band or keeping your hand on a piece of the computer's metal frame. Keeping grounded will prevent any damage to the computer's hardware

Step 3

Turn the laptop over and find the hatch located toward the bottom right corner of the machine. Use the screwdriver to remove the small screws and place them to the side where they will not get lost. Remove the hatch. To remove the back panel from the desktop unscrew the back screws and slide the right panel towards the back of the unit to remove it. Again, remember to put the screws where they won't go missing.

Step 4

In the laptop, gently pull up the thin brown strip on the left side of the exposed hard drive. Remove the hard drive from the enclosure. This is the end of the process for removing the laptop hard drive. In the desktop, the hard drive will be located toward the top of the unit under the CD-ROM drive. The cables attached to the hard drive are IDE and/or SATA cables. Gently pull them out of the hard drive, they will come out pretty easily.

Step 5

To complete removal of the desktop hard drive remove any screws that secure it to the chassis or cage and pull it out through the front of the chassis. If the drive is held in by a green plastic latching system, press any latches down to release the hard drive and again pull the hard drive from the unit. Removal of the hard drive from the desktop is now complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Anti-static wrist band(optional)


Always ground yourself. Be sure to put removed pieces in a safe place


Always unplug a computer before working on its hardware. Failure to do so may result in electric shock.