How to Repair a Hard Drive in DOS

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The MS-DOS command line (the Command Prompt program) is useful for running applications on your computer without having to open or use a graphical user interface. With the command line program, you can run a check on your hard drive with the chkdsk application, which can find and repair bad sectors and other errors on the hard drive.


Step 1

Open the MS-DOS command prompt from the start menu by clicking "Start," typing "cmd" and pressing "Enter."

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Step 2

Type "chkdsk drive: /r: in the MS-DOS command prompt and press "Enter," where "drive" is the drive letter of the hard drive you are repairing.


Step 3

Type "yes" and press "Enter" if you are asked whether you want to proceed. The disk scanning process begins. Any errors that are found are automatically fixed.





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