How to Replace the Fuse in a Laptop Motherboard

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Replace the motherboard fuse to get your laptop working again.

If you have tried to turn on your laptop but it won't respond, the fuse next to the power jack could have blown. When this fuse blows out, you will not be able to start your computer. The electrical current will stop at the fuse and not reach the components attached to the motherboard. Changing this fuse is not hard, but you will have to take your laptop apart.


Step 1

Remove the battery and unplug the power supply from the laptop.

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Step 2

Obtain a disassembly guide for your laptop in order to gain access to the motherboard. Disassembling a laptop varies depending on the brand and the model. Instructions for disassembly are available online or through your laptop's manufacturer.


Step 3

Locate the fuse on the motherboard. This fuse will be just above the power jack.


Step 4

Use a small screwdriver or a pair of needle-nose pliers to free the fuse from the motherboard.

Step 5

Replace the fuse with your new fuse.

Step 6

Put the laptop back together and power it on.

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