How to Restart a VNC Server in Linux

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Virtual Network Computing, or VNC, is where the user has remote access to a system as though the user were sitting in front of the machine. In Windows this is often referred to as Remote Desktop, but Linux communities call it VNC. Once the target computer is running a VNC server, there is precisely no difference between using it and your own computer, as you maintain full keyboard and mouse controls across both.


Restarting the VNC server

Step 1

Connect remotely to the VNC server. Log in to it using your password and login information that you set up when creating the server.

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Step 2

Type "service vncserver restart" into the terminal (without the quotes) if the server is automatically configured to start when Linux boots up then. The process should be complete.


Step 3

Enter the normal kill and restart commands if the server is not set up to automatically start up. These begin with a kill command, so type "vncserver -kill :1" (again without the quotes).

Step 4

Type "vncserver :1" (without the quotes) to restart the server.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection

  • Remote connection to target computer