How to Set Up an FTP Site

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How to Set Up an FTP Site. An FTP site allows you to share documents and files across the Internet with authorized users. Set up an FTP site so that each user can access documents in his home folder. It makes it easier to find, manage and share files.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button. Open "Control Panel" and "Add or Remove Programs." Choose "Add/Remove Windows Components." Check the box next to Application Server. Click the "Details" button.


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Step 2

Select "Internet Information Services (IIS)." Choose the "Details" button and then "File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service. Click "OK" and follow the prompts to install the FTP service.

Step 3

Open "Internet Information Services Manager" under "Administrative Tools." Right-click the FTP sites node. Choose "New" and "FTP site." Click "Next."


Step 4

Type in a description for the site. Click "Next" and assign an IP address. Click "Next." Select "Do Not Isolate Users." Click "Next" and enter the path to the directory for the site. Give users read access and click "Next" then "Finish."


Step 5

Go to "Computer Management." Under "Local Users and Groups" create an account for each user who will access the FTP site.

Step 6

Open the default FTP folder. Create a folder for each user. The name of the folder must be the same as the user name. Right-click each folder and click the "Sharing" tab. Remove the group "Everyone" and change the system account's access control to "Full." Add the user who will access that folder. Add the user and give him full control.


Step 7

Move your mouse to "Control Panel," "Administrative Tools," "Computer Management." Open "Local Users and Groups." Click "Users." Right-click the user name and select "Properties." Click the "Profile" tab, and type in the user's folder in the FTP folder under "Local Path."