How to Go to the Control Panel From Task Manager

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The Windows Task Manager applet helps users analyze and manage numerous application processes and system services. Moreover, users can inspect their computer's performance in the Task Manager by tracking how much memory any given process is using. In addition to observing system process, you may launch common utilities such as the Windows Control panel directly from the Task Manager's main "Run" command.


Step 1

Right-click your Windows task bar and select "Start Task Manager" from the context menu. Alternatively, press the "Ctrl" "Alt" and "Delete" keyboard keys and select "Start Task Manager."

Step 2

Click the "File" menu, located on the menu bar toward the upper-left corner of the window. Choose the "New Task (Run)" entry.

Step 3

Type "Control.exe" (without the quotes) and press "OK" or the "Enter" key to launch the Control Panel.


If the menu bar is not available, double-click any gray area within the Task Manager's main interface to reveal it.


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