How to Get Rid of Luke Filewalker

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"Luke Filewalker" is the name of the file scanning engine used by the Avira AntiVir antivirus application and a reference to Luke Skywalker, one of the seminal characters in the film "Star Wars." The Luke Filewalker window appears when a virus scan has been scheduled by Avira AntiVir or at the first opportunity after a scan has been missed due to the computer being turned off. In order to stop the Luke Filewalker program window from appearing, you must prevent Avira AntiVir from starting when Windows boots up. This may be done from the system configuration window.


Step 1

Click the "Start" menu button.

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Step 2

Type "msconfig" into the Search field, then press the "ENTER" key.

Step 3

Click the "Startup" tab at the top of the system configuration window.


Step 4

Click to clear the check from next to the "avgnt" startup item entry.

Step 5

Click "Apply," then click "Close."


Step 6

Click the "Restart" button to restart your computer. When needed, double-click the Avira AntiVir shortcut icon on your desktop to use the program as an on-demand scanner.


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Tips & Warnings

  • Disabling any part of your antivirus software may leave your computer susceptible to viruses.



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