How to Specify a Caption in Access

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Adding captions to fields helps both you and future database administrators to better understand the design and content of your databases. Microsoft Access has a dedicated field designed for captions. How you go about specifying a caption in Access depends on whether you want to set the caption directly in a database table or in a form that queries a table.

In a Table

Step 1

Click the "Design" tab to set your Access table to Design view. Design view enables you to modify the structure and edit the properties of a table.

Step 2

Click the field for which you want to specify a caption. When you click the field, Access displays the Field Properties pane at the bottom of the window. The Field Properties pane provides you with a list of editable details about the selected field.

Step 3

Click the "Caption" box and specify your desired caption for the field.

In a Form

Step 1

Press "F11" on your keyboard to load the Navigation pane.

Step 2

Right-click the Navigation pane and select "Layout View" to set your form to Layout view.

Step 3

Right-click anywhere in the form header and select "Form Properties" to load the Property Sheet task pane.

Step 4

Click the "All" tab, click the "Caption" property and enter your caption.


Captions can contain a total of 2,048 characters, including spaces.


Information in this article applies to Access 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.