How to Trim Clips in iMovie

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When making a movie, whether for YouTube, a competition or for an actual release, you will often find yourself working with a clip that has extraneous footage. Thankfully iMovie, Apple's video editing software that comes with iLife, is a fairly simple program that can allow even beginners to edit their own footage with little practice. And trimming down clips in iMovie is pretty simple if you just follow these easy instructions.


Step 1

Open "iMovie."

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Step 2

Click "File - Open Project" and select the project you wish to work with.

Step 3

Select the clip you wish to trim and drag it into the clip viewer.


Step 4

Use the playhead to mark off where you want to split the clip in two.

Step 5

Click on "Edit - Split Video Cli"p at Playhead.


Step 6

Select the chunk of footage that is extraneous. Press "Delete."

Step 7

Continue splitting the clip until you just have the segment you want to keep. Delete all other extraneous portions of the clip.

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