How to Snap a Clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

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To make it easier to align clips when you are editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use the "snap feature." When you move a clip that has the snap feature activated, it automatically aligns with, or snaps, to the edge of another clip. Snapping can help ensure you don't accidentally insert or overlay a clip onto another when dragging clips around within the Timeline.


Step 1

To enable the snap feature, click the "Snap" button on the Timeline panel. It is located in the upper left-hand corner of the Timeline panel under the time indicator.

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Step 2

Drag the edge of the clip you are moving close to the edge of another clip you wish to align it with.


Step 3

When you drag snapped clips, a vertical line with arrows will appear and indicate when clips are aligned.

Step 4

To disable the snap feature, click the button again.


Step 5

You can toggle back and forth between enabling and disable the snap feature using the keyboard shortcut "S." This will work even while in the middle of editing.



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