How to Flip in Microsoft Publisher

By Andrew Meer

Use Microsoft Publisher's flipping controls to flip pictures and objects either vertically or horizontally.

When inserting objects such as pictures and shapes in Microsoft Publisher, generate mirror-images of these objects by flipping them. Microsoft Publisher lets you flip objects either horizontally or vertically using the flipping controls found in the Arrange group.

Step 1

Click on an object to select it.

Step 2

Open flipping controls.

Open the Home tab and then click the Rotate pull-down menu in the Arrange group.

Step 3

Flip object horizontally.

Click Flip Horizontal to flip the object horizontally.

Flip object vertically.

Alternately, click Flip Vertical to flip the object vertically; all items within the object appear upside-down.


You can also the flip objects horizontally and then flip them again vertically and vice versa.

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