How to Move or Delete a Marker in the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

When editing clips in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use something called a "marker" in an area of a clip where you want to make a note for yourself. These may be for any reason, such as an important action or sound within the clip. Markers are only for your reference, they do not change the video you are working on. You can add a marker to any point in a sequence, or to any point in a source clip. Once you have added a marker, you may need to move or delete them later. Here's how.

Step 1

To move a marker within a clip that is already in a sequence, open the clip in the Source Monitor by double clicking it in the project window.

Step 2

Drag the Marker icon that appears on the time ruler of the Source Monitor. Note that moving markers on clips must be done in the Source Monitor; you can not move them directly in the Timeline.

Step 3

To move a marker that is on a sequence, you can drag the marker in the Timeline panel or on the Program Monitor's time ruler.

Step 4

If you need to delete a marker on a clip, first select the clip in the sequence, and then move the current-time indicator to the marker's point.

Step 5

To delete a marker on a sequence, first make sure that no clips are selected in the sequence, and then move the current-time indicator to the marker point.

Step 6

Go the Marker menu at the top of your Workspace, and then go to "Clear Clip Marker" (or "Clear Sequence Marker") and then choose an option in the submenu.

Step 7

Selecting "Current Marker" will delete the marker at the current time, selecting "All Markers" will delete all markers in the clip or the sequence, and selecting "Numbered" will delete a numbered marker from a list of all numbered markers.


You can not delete sequence markers by dragging them away from the time ruler.