How to Insert an Animated GIF Into Movie Maker

By Zicheng Ren

As a simple and concise movie editor, Windows Movie Maker 2012 imports all types of media files including video clips, audio files and photo files to your projects to simplify your movie-editing experience. View an animated GIF file in the preview monitor in either storyboard view or timeline view; the selected view displays the GIF file by a specific frame or time point, respectively.

Step 1

Click **Import Media** on the menu bar to select the media file you want to insert into your project in Movie Maker.

Step 2

Choose the GIF file you want to import from the Import Media Items window and click **Import.**

Step 3

Drag the inserted GIF file to the Drag Media Here box in the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Click the **Play** button below the Storyboard to start playing the animated GIF photo. You can also click the next frame arrow buttons located to the right and left of the Play button to view each frame in the GIF file one by one.

Step 5

Choose **Timeline** from the drop-down list to view the animated GIF by to time sequence by clicking **Storyboard** at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6

Drag the slider box to view each frame on the timeline.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drag Effects from the left side panel onto the GIF file to add animated effects.