How to Create a GIF With VLC

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Videos often contain funny or memorable scenes that we want to share with friends or refer back to later. Capturing a single frame in a video is an easy way to reference a particular scene. VLC has a snapshot feature that allows you to save any video frame as a normal image file. It also has advanced features like changing the speed of the movie or jumping to a specific time which makes finding and saving the perfect snapshot easy.


Step 1

Open your video in VLC by clicking "Media" in the menu. Select "Open Folder", "Open Disc", or "Open Network Stream" depending on the location of the video.

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Step 2

Navigate to the frame you want to save as a GIF by using the slider at the bottom of the window. Advanced navigation options are available in the "Playback" menu.


Step 3

Save the frame by clicking on "Video" and then "Snapshot" in the menu. This will save the frame as a PNG file to your "My Pictures" folder.


Step 4

Click on "File" and "Open" in Microsoft Paint and then find the file in the "My Pictures" folder.

Step 5

Click on "File", "Save As", and choose GIF as the new file type. The conversion will happen automatically.


Pressing "Shift" and "s" together is the default hotkey for video snapshots.

Adjust the playback speed by clicking on "Playback" and then "Faster" or "Slower" in the menu.



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