How to Compress an MPG File

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Compress your video file.

The MPEG video file is a large file that can take up a large amount of hard drive space. If you have a full library of MPEG files you can quickly need additional storage for your system. However, it is possible to compress the MPEG (MPG) file into a smaller, Windows Media Video (WMV). WMV files are roughly a third of the size of the standard MPEG video format.


Step 1

Launch Windows Movie Maker (click "Start," "All Programs," then choose "Windows Movie Maker").

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Step 2

Select "File," "Import" and choose the MPEG video file you want to compress, followed by clicking "OK."


Step 3

Click-and-drag the video file down to the timeline once it appears in the program.

Step 4

Select "File," "Save Movie File" and choose a location to save your compressed video file to. Title the file and choose "WMV" from the list of formats available to you.


Step 5

Click "Next" and your video file is converted and compressed into the smaller WMV file format.

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