How to Include the Date & Time Stamp in Movie Maker

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Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is a free program from Microsoft that allows a computer running Windows 7 to create and edit movies from home video footage. If you frequently use Windows Live Movie Maker to make movies on your computer, you may eventually find you have a large collection of films and are unable to remember when you originally shot them. Using the Captions feature, you can add a time and date stamp to any movie you create with Windows Live Movie Maker.


Step 1

Launch Windows Live Movie Maker and click the "Add videos and photos" button at the top of the window. Navigate to the location of the movie that you would like to add a date and time stamp to and double-click the movie.

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Step 2

Click the "Add Caption" button to the right of the "Snapshot" button. A box labeled "Enter Text Here" will appear on top of the preview window for your film.


Step 3

Type the date and time that you would like to add to the film.

Step 4

Click inside the "Text Duration" box, and enter the number of seconds that you would like the time and date stamp to remain in the frame.



Step 5

Click an icon in the "Effects" section of the window to indicate how the time and date stamp should appear and disappear from the frame, such as "Fade" or "Stretch."

Step 6

Click and drag the time and date stamp to move it to a different area of the frame if desired.

Step 7

Click the floppy disk icon at the top of the window to save the movie.

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