How to Add a Snipping Tool to the Tool Bar

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Windows Snipping Tool is similar to the print screen function in that it captures the image that appears on your computer screen. However, the Snipping Tool allows the user to only copy a portion of the screen while the PrintScreen button copies the full screen. Snips made with the Snipping Tool can be saved in HTML, PNG, GIF or JPEG. Snips are automatically saved to the clipboard and you can paste them into another program for editing. The Snipping Tool comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Step 1

Go to the Windows orb button (formerly the Start menu) and click on "All Programs."

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Step 2

Click on "Accessories."

Step 3

Click "Snipping Tool" and drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar. This should be the area of the Windows task bar right next to the Start orb.





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