How to Troubleshoot an AOC Monitor

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The AOC monitor is a standard computer monitor that will work with any computer brand. To take full advantage of its versatility, it is imperative to keep it running the way you want. If it starts displaying unusual behavior, such as displaying very small text or the screen is too dim, you can often fix these issues yourself with a little troubleshooting.


Step 1

Unplug the monitor from the electrical outlet. Look for any open slices in the power cable's rubber casing. If there are, the monitor could short out or start a fire. Do not use the monitor if this is the case.

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Step 2

Unplug the VGA cable, the cable that connects the monitor to the computer, if your monitor is not recognized by the computer. Look at the metal pins inside the connector. Bent wires can cause the monitor to not function with the computer. Take the screwdriver and carefully straighten the pins.


Step 3

Tune the brightness and contrast. These buttons are on the front of the monitor, and anyone can mess with them. If the brightness is turned all the way down, it will look as if the monitor is not working. If the contrast is turned all the way up or down, it will look as if the color tube has broken down. Readjust these until the monitor's color and brightness appears normal.





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