How to Troubleshoot Internet on a Vizio TV

By Shea Laverty

Diagnose your Vizio TV's Internet connection problems by troubleshooting your Internet connection and TV settings and set-up.

Connection troubles with your Vizio TV may be caused by incorrect setup, wireless interference or problems with your ISP. Before contacting Vizio technical support, run through these troubleshooting steps that address the most common problems.


Available options, screens and remote buttons vary from one TV model to the next, so consult your owner's manual for specifics regarding your TV model.

Check Your Wireless Settings

If you're using a wireless connection, make sure your TV is correctly set up to connect to your wireless router. Also, check that you're connected to your own network on the TV and not a neighbor's network.

Step 1

Press the Via or Menu button on your remote.

Step 2

Select HDTV Settings or Settings and then Network.

Make sure your wireless security key has been entered correctly and hasn't been recently changed. Remember, wireless security keys are case sensitive.

Test Your Connection

Test your Internet connection by connecting another device such as a computer or smartphone. Open a Web browser or another online service and see if it connects. If it doesn't connect, you have a problem with your Internet service, and you should contact your ISP.


  • If possible, perform your test based on the connection method you're using. For example, if you're connecting your TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi, connect your test device wirelessly. If you're using an Ethernet cable, attach an alternate device using a wired connection, preferably with the same cable.
  • If you're using a wired connection and are having connection problems through your router, try connecting directly to the modem. If the connection works when directly connected to the modem, the problem may be with your router or router settings.

Check Your Ethernet Cable

If you use a wired connection, make sure your TV is correctly set up for a wired connection and that the cable is securely connected to the Ethernet port on your TV. Inspect the cable for any physical damage such as kinks, splits and fraying.

Run a Connection Test

Most Internet-capable Vizio TVs feature a built-in connection test, which may be able to diagnose problems with your connection.

Step 1

Press the Via or Menu button on your remote.

Step 2

Select Settings or HDTV Settings, followed by Network.

Step 3

Select Test Connection to run the connection test. If the test is successful, you'll see the status listed as Connected and a display for a download speed.

Power Cycle Your Devices

Bringing your TV, router and modem through a power cycle can address connection issues. Make sure to include set-top boxes for cable or satellite television in the power cycle. Power devices down in order of greatest to least distance from the main Internet connection: TV, set-top box, router, modem. When powering them back up, follow this order: modem, router, set-top box, TV. For some Internet connections, such as with AT&T U-Verse, the modem and router are combined in one gateway device.


Leave each device turned off at least 30 seconds before powering it back on. This takes care of itself as long as you leave the modem off for at least this long, since it is the last to be turned off and first to be turned back on. Let each device power up completely before moving on to the next device. Be patient with the modem and router, making sure all status lights are lit that are normally lit.


Do not use the router's reset button for a power cycle. This usually initiates a factory reset, which is not what you want. Do not use the power button on the TV for a power cycle, as it only turns off the display without affecting the computer inside the TV. Unplugging the power cord is just right for most devices.

Check App and Website Status

If your problem is isolated to one particular app or website, the problem may be with the website or app itself and not with your TV or Internet connection. Websites like DownRightNow, Is It Down Right Now and Down For Everyone or Just Me all provide server status updates regarding popular streaming services and websites.

Factory Reset Your TV

Factory resetting your TV may be the only way to restore connectivity between your TV and router. Factory resetting removes all personalized settings, so if you've got your picture just how you like it, jot down the settings on a notepad so you can restore them easily.

Step 1

Press the Menu button on your remote and select either Help or System.

Step 2

Select Reset and Admin, followed by Clear Memory, Clear Memory/Factory Defaults or Reset TV to Factory Defaults. On some models, Clear Memory or similar options may be available directly in the Help or System menu, instead of in a Reset and Admin menu.

Step 3

Enter your parental control PIN to confirm that you want to factory reset, prompting the TV to shut down and then power up again in its initial setup mode. If you have never configured your PIN, the default is "0000."

Contact Vizio Technical Support

If none of these troubleshooting tips helps connect your TV to the Internet, you may have a problem with the TV's hardware. Contact Vizio technical support at Vizio's support website or by calling 1-888-849-4623.