How to Turn Off AutoCorrect in Excel

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AutoCorrect can help you out -- but it can also be a frustrating feature.
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When you frequently misspell words or make the same typos over and over, having an AutoCorrect feature built into your software can save you time. When that feature is interfering with your productivity, however, you may find it's preferable to shut it off. In Excel 2013, you can do that inside the AutoCorrect menu.


Disable AutoCorrect

To navigate to the AutoCorrect menu, click the "File" tab from the main Excel window, then click "Excel Options" followed by "'Proofing." Then click "AutoCorrect Options," and locate the "Replace Text as You Type" check box. Uncheck the box to turn off the AutoCorrect options and click "OK" to complete the task.

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Disabling Individual Corrections

In some cases, you might want to keep some features of AutoCorrect while turning off others. For example, you might want Excel to fix your spelling mistakes but leave capitalizations alone. Once again, navigate to the AutoCorrect menu by clicking the "File | Excel Options | Proofing | AutoCorrect." From here, look at the various check boxes that appear in the window, which include "Capitalize first letter of sentences," for example. Uncheck any features you don't want enabled and then click "OK."