How to Type in a Bullet

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The right keystrokes let you type bullets in almost any PC or Mac program.

Bullet points are useful in formatting professional-looking handouts, reports and itemized lists. When numbered lists are cumbersome or unnecessary, a stylish bullet does the trick. Many word processing programs let you access bullets from the "insert" menu, but you can also type bullets using a special keystroke. With the right sequence of numbers, you can type bullets in many computer programs, including emails and spreadsheets.


Step 1

Press your computer's "NumLock" key to activate the 10-key.

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Step 2

Click to select the area on-screen where you want to insert a bullet.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Alt" key on a PC, and press the "Opt" key on a Mac.



Step 4

Type "0149" into a PC using the 10-key, or press "8" on a Mac. A bullet point should appear on screen, and you can release the "Alt" or "Opt" keys.



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